Vasumati Parthasarathy

Director, Parent Coaching and Program Management

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Motivation is a small word with large implications! It is what first brought Vasumati Parthasarathy to the United States to extend her Master’s in Economics with an M.S. degree from Rutgers University.  As a graduate assistant she began noticing a problem with student motivation -students only came to office hours if there was a test scheduled the next day.  The same phenomenon was apparent in the EOF program for economically disadvantaged students where she also taught.  This experience steered her to become a motivational educator.

Having studied for a multiple subject teaching credential from San Jose State University, she has taught at the elementary level for over a decade, and she currently volunteers at the Santa Clara County Adult Literacy Program.

During the pandemic, all parents have been struggling with motivation issues with their kids who have been forced to spend long hours in online classrooms.  Unfortunately, this problem is astronomically multiplied when it comes to economically disadvantaged students who may even lack access to online classes while having front line worker parents needing  to work long hours under unsafe conditions. In this situation, our k12 counts team can be critical as we can definitely help with student motivation and tutoring, while bridging the gaps in student learnings that have worsened during the pandemic.