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Program Manager

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Education & Training

Nandini Gore, worked as Assistant Manager in the hospitality industry in India before immigrating to USA with her husband a decade ago. She is working with Oak Grove School District, San Jose as a substitute Instructional Assistant for students with special needs. She has also volunteered with non- profit organizations –  Lighthouse International, New York Cares and Taylor elementary.

Being a young immigrant parent, she understands the challenges and benefits of raising a family in the bay area. She is also teaching invaluable life lessons and 21st century skills like time management, effective online and offline communication and internet safety in today’s digital age to her two kids in elementary school.

As a critical part of learning, especially for younger kids, in-person schools make interacting with diverse peers and more 1-1 time with teachers possible. As a strong advocate for in-person school, she can help motivate parents and young kids to set up a daily routine and structure to excel in their learning. She brings a unique experience of working regularly with special needs kids including ADHD. She understands the needs of these students and can provide the right coaching for their parents.

Nandini is very excited to join the K12 Counts team as a Parent coach.