Kalpana Gokhale

Director, Curriculum and Program Evaluations

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Sitting in a recliner, reminiscing over the last forty-one years of her life as a first-generation immigrant from India, Kalpana Gokhale, a retired teacher from the Cupertino Union School District is content with her dreams being fulfilled raising a loving family. She began creating a life for herself as soon as she discovered that her children were on their way seeking their own paths, choosing their own careers. She knew then that she and her husband, a first-generation immigrant as well, had done a decent job raising their two children. While her son and daughter were in high school, she had begun studying toward receiving a second Baccalaureate in Economics and a teaching credential. It was time for Kalpana to begin her own career, when her son told her, “Mom, from here on, I am responsible for any mistakes I make. No longer are you responsible for me. You have done your job, now get a life for yourself.” For Kalpana it wasn’t too difficult to choose her career, as she had discovered her passion to teach when she volunteered in her children’s classrooms, participated in the fundraisers, attended parent teacher conferences, and then worked as an assistant to special education and ESL teachers.  As a teacher, she taught grades 4-6 for 17 years, and enjoyed returning to her job each day of the year with continued enthusiasm, zeal, and gusto. What she liked most about her job was giving opportunities to students to develop critical thinking skills, teaching them collaboration, and helping them with their social and emotional needs. Reflecting on her success as a mother and a teacher, she wishes to give credit for her achievement to her supportive husband, her responsible children who are now in the legal and medical profession, and the unconditional love she always received from her parents. She helps her son and daughter by being a supportive grandmother to their children. She looks forward to volunteering her time helping organizations that work with teachers, students, and parents.